I want to feel all the feelings with you! I’m a big believer that photos have the power to convey emotion so give me all the lovers, snuggles and snort laughs! I want to capture it all and I want your photos to reflect your unique personalities. Are you ready to capture those milestones, big and small?

Packages & Pricing

When it comes to your wedding, I love a couple who march to the beat of their own drum! Your wedding is a total celebration of who you are as a couple. I believe the only rule for your wedding is to make it a day you’ll look back on and want to relive over and over again. Finding a photographer who can turn your wedding day dreams into reality, this is why I offer multiple wedding packages that can fit your needs.

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The big wedding thing not your jam - that’s ok! It doesn’t have to be - your wedding day should be everything and anything you want it to be. If that looks more like an elopement let’s go for it! I offer two versions of elopement packages. Both local to Michigan as well as adventure elopements that take us anywhere in the world! I’m ready to hike up a mountain, hide away in a secluded beach, scale a glacier, chase waterfalls, or hang out cliff side with you!

Michigan elopements starting at $2,150 
Adventure elopements - Contact me for your quote

Couples + Maternity sessions

No matter what phase of life you’re in, I want to capture all of it! From young and in love couples, to engagements, to baby bumps I’m ready to capture those memories with you. Let’s head to the beach, hike through the woods, or get cozy in a meadow and celebrate the big and small moments of wherever you’re at!

Couple + Maternity Sessions starting at $300

let's capture the real + Raw!


When it comes to your wedding, I love a couple who march to the beat of their own drum! Your wedding is a total celebration of who you are as a couple. I believe the only rule for your wedding is to make it a day you’ll look back on and want to relive over and over again. Finding a photographer who can turn your wedding day dreams into reality, this is why I offer multiple wedding packages that can fit your needs.

7-10 hour Packages starting at $3,000

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What to Expect

Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard “we’re so awkward in front of the camera” or “I never look good in photos” I’d be able to buy a lot more plants! Making the experience enjoyable and fun is what I’m all about! 

My goal is that once we start shooting, you’ll forget all about “how awkward” you think you are or silence that critic in you head and just focus on the emotions of being with your lover. And do you know what, I’m a little awkward too so at the end of the day, you’re in good company!

here's the deal when you book with me...

I’m here for you beyond just snapping some pics! 

I know that photos can be fun and exciting, but sometimes there’s also a lot of pressure you might feel as well. You’re probably thinking “what should you wear?” “Where should you take the photos?” “What should you do with your hands?” HOLD UP! I’ve got you covered - before, during, and after the sesion! I’ve got style advice, I can help you decide on a location that matches your photo dreams, I come prepared with all the prompts and poses to make sure you don’t look stiff or unnatural, and I might even provide you some comedic relief if you think a good (or bad) pun is funny!

Whether you’re at home in front of a camera or you haven’t had photos taken in years, my goal is that you have a heckin great time during your session!

Photos should reflect your personality or who you are as a couple so that’s why I take so much care in helping you plan and prep before I even take one picture. After booking, I send all my clients my style and location guides. My style guide is designed to help you plan outfits you’ll love even 50 years from now as well as my fashion advice for what I know looks good, is timeless, and will be flattering. My location guide helps you put a place to the photos you’re envisioning. Whether it’s beachy boho vibes, or urban chic, I will help you find a location that meets your dream session.

During your session, I’m all about making sure you’re comfortable.

Maybe even forget there’s a camera on you! If that means taking a few minutes to chat at the beginning, listening to me try to make you laugh with a bad dad joke, or throwing on some tunes to jam to, I want you to be so relaxed your personalities are what shine through in your photos. Here’s a little secret, the more comfortable you are during the session, the more kick-ass and natural your photos will look!

I’m obsessed with documenting real, raw, intimate love!

This means in a session with me you can expect to spend a lot of time snuggling, laughing, dancing, and goofing off with your lover mixed with little moments of tenderness to get those shots that make you feel the love you have for each other all over again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck do i wear?


After the initial excitement of getting your session booked, you’re probably asking yourself “what the heck do I wear?!?” First of all, it’s important that no matter what you wear, you’re comfortable and feeling like yourself. Beyond that, I’m here to help offer wardrobe advice as well as my “style guide.” To help my clients decide on outfits they will love looking back on for years to come, I’ve created a style guide I will send you. This guide has my tips and tricks for finding outfits that stand the test of time, will be flattering, will complement the location, and help you feel confident coming into your session! My quick tips are to stick to earth tones and neutrals, stay away from super loud or busy patterns, avoid bright/neons, and bring a few extra outfit options with you to your session so if something doesn’t feel right or you’re uncomfortable, you have fall backs to choose from. At the end of the day though, your style should be true to you!

Who picks the location for my session?


Picking a location for your session is a v important part of the process - the location really sets the whole tone for the photos! I see deciding on a location as a super collaborative part of the session planning process. I know you’ve been scanning pinterest or seeing photos your friends are posting on insta so you’ve probably created some type of vision for what you want your photos to look like. I first like to send my location guide to my clients. It helps break down the different scenery settings we have access to here in west michigan - I’m totally up for your suggestions as well! Whether you’re a boho beach babe, city chic, or feeling the flower power vibes, I will help you find a location to fit your photo dreams.

Can you photoshop me to be thinner?


Short answer: no. While it’s super cheesy, you really are perfect and beautiful just as you are! I know we all have things we see as flaws or nitpick about our bodies, but the truth is, I love capturing people as they are. That being said, I will photoshop out anything that won’t be there in a week or two. So, rest assured if you had a zit pop up the night before your session or got a weird bruise on your arm, I will make those things disappear. During your session, it’s my goal to make you as comfortable and chill as possible to ensure we get those natural and candid reactions because let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to frame any photo you’re not loving yourself in.

What should I do with my hands?


Ah, the age old fear of having your photo taken - what do you do with your hands? Ugh, this can be SO awkward if you don’t have proper direction! That’s why I come to every session with prompts and poses prepared. You won’t be standing around trying to figure out what to do with your hands or how to stand. I rely on natural poses, emotional prompts, movement, and music to get those candid photos. So, if you’re expecting to stand there in cringey prom style pictures, think again!



After your session wraps up, I love sending previews within 48 hours because I know you’re excited to see the magic we captured! Once your photos are finished, you’ll receive an online gallery where you’ll be able to download and print the high-res photos to your heart’s content. Que new profile pic!

Here’s my usual gallery turnaround time:

Previews - 48 hours
Weddings + Elopements - 6-9 weeks
Lifestyle - 2-4 weeks



Heck yes! Since I play a pretty major role in the overall flow of your wedding day, it really makes a lot of sense to have me involved in the timeline planning process. I LOVE seeing how each wedding is so unique to my couples so I get SO hyped when I get to help plan the day of timeline! Your wedding or elopement is 1000% all about you and your vision so I will do everything I can to make your dreams come true! I know that some brides are planners so we really will just make sure we’re on the same page with the timeline and I’ll give my suggestions, but I know other brides don’t even know where to start! Thankfully, my experience shooting weddings and elopements has given me pretty good insight into what works well and keeps the day moving along efficiently! To make sure your wedding dreams come true, I like to meet over coffee or snacks, I’ll send questionnaires, and communicate with you through the entire process.



Are you more of a traditional big wedding bash kinda bride or do you prefer a more intimate elopement setting? What’s the difference? In my opinion, a traditional wedding includes having a bridal party, a venue that holds a large group, and a guest list of 50-500+ guests. This can also be broken down into an intimate or micro wedding. In an intimate wedding, you’ll probably still have a traditional wedding party and venue capable of holding a guest count of 25-100 people. A micro wedding includes a wedding party or scaled down wedding party - think just MOH and best man, and a venue that holds up to 25 guests. An elopement really has a lot of freedom around it. You can essentially elope anywhere, with or without a scaled down wedding party and you’ll most likely have a max of 10 guests - it literally can be as intimate as the two of you, a witness, officiant, and your photographer! Whether you want all the glitz of a traditional wedding or you want the intimacy of an elopement, I’m here for it!



What’s the difference between en elopement and an adventure elopement? A traditional elopement takes place locally to you. This can be at the courthouse or since we’re in Michigan, one of our beaches or the mountains in the UP. An adventure elopement happens when you travel. Whether it’s across the country to Yosemite, the desert, the PNW, or you want to go international, I’m so ready to third wheel and make some kick-ass magic with you!

What kind of photography services do you offer?


I am a wedding, elopement, and lifestyle photographer. This means, to serve my clients the best I can, I primarily focus on my weddings and elopements. While I do limit some of the lifestyle sessions I take on, I’m always down to take those maternity pics, snap some photos to celebrate your senior year, or hang with your immediate family.

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